3 Tips For Holiday Advertising

The holidays are here and it's time to capitalize on the seasonal advertising opportunities it provides. According to Statista, 123 billion was the total value of all US sales made by e-commerce businesses. This took place entirely during the 2018 holiday season. With that much opportunity to make sales on the line, now is the time to start utilizing paid advertising!

Here are a couple of tips on how you can utilize an increased advertising budget for your company.

Tips On Paid Advertising

It's crucial to capitalize on the high commercial searches during the holiday season. Don't forget that your prospects don’t stop using the internet in December. In addition to browser searches, shoppers have been increasingly utilizing Facebook and Instagram for their inspiration.

Consumers use the internet to search for ideas for birthday, anniversary, and celebration gifts for their loved ones. With this in mind, here are some ways you can utilize this holiday season to promote your online advertisement.

Should I use Facebook Ads or Google Adwords?

Although advertising on Facebook can be thought of as similar to AdWords, in that advertisers using both platforms are essentially promoting their business via the Internet, this is where the similarities end. Unlike paid search, which helps businesses find new customers via keywords, paid social helps users find businesses based on the things they’re interested in and the ways in which they behave online.

When it comes to the primary difference between Google AdWords and Facebook Ads, you can think of it this way: AdWords helps high intent customers find your business, while Facebook helps new customers find you.

Harnessing the power of both paid search and paid social is a remarkably effective advertising strategy. However, it necessitates a dual advertising strategy that aligns with the strengths of each respective platform. Marketing messaging can – and arguably should – remain consistent across both Google AdWords and Facebook Ads. It’s vital to understand how best to use each platform for maximum ROI and greater business growth.

If this process seems a little daunting, BrandRep can help you with any questions you may have. We can help you get started if you're interested in taking advantage of both Google and Facebook ads. Interested in learning more? Fill out our survey at the end of the article to get in contact with one of our representatives!

We're excited to present you with 3 top tips to improve your holiday paid advertisement campaigns and how to capitalize on the increased consumer spending this time of the year.