Getting Started with LinkedIn

Getting Started with LinkedIn

Congratulations on taking the steps to expand your business's reach on social media!

In order for us to proceed with your Social Profile Setup, we'll need you to perform a few initial steps to grant us administrator privileges, so that we can proceed to customize your profile. If you are new to LinkedIn for Business, please begin with Creating a LinkedIn Page below. If you already have a LinkedIn Page, please skip to the following section Grant Admin Access.

How do I create a LinkedIn Page?

First, you will need a personal LinkedIn Account to create a LinkedIn Page.

To create a LinkedIn Page via your personal LinkedIn profile on a computer:

  1. Go to

  2. Add the Name - this should be your Legal Business Name if available, or something very close to it.

  3. Choose a LinkedIn Public URL:

  4. Enter your Website URL

  5. Select your Industry

  6. Select your Company Size

  7. Select a Company Type

  8. Upload a Logo - or you can skip this for now, and we can update this for you.

  9. Enter a Tag Line - This is optional, but always a nice touch, or you can skip for now and we'll help you with this.

  10. Check the Box verifying you are an authorized representative of the organization.

  11. Click Create Page

Done! Your new LinkedIn Business Page has been created.

See, that wasn't so hard! Now, all we need to do is grant our BrandRep Social Specialist with Admin privileges so we can begin working our magic!