How COVID-19 Can Give Business Owners An Opportunity To Grow

Updated: Jun 24

COVID-19 has put business owners in a position where budgeting and cutting cost has become a priority. Due to this, many businesses have decided to cut back on their marketing budget and focus on the most important expenses.

Business owners have many different options when it comes down to cutting marketing costs. Mainly, many businesses are in conservation mode and have cut down their marketing budget to $0. This means that there is lowered competition for online marketing place.

Due to your competition lowering, now would be the best time to increase your online presence. Your business will have an easier time reaching your customers and keeping them up to date with promotions and operation hours. With this in mind, we have created 5 benefits of why your business should continue its marketing efforts through the COVID-19 restrictions.

The 5 Benefits Of Continuing Marketing Efforts Through COVID-19

1. Get Ahead of Competitors

The work you put in now will help you get ahead of your competitors. By interacting with your customers and keeping the connection alive, you'll be thought of more often than your competition.

Keep your customers focused on your business. Use social media, ads, and emails to inform your customers of any promotions your business may be having. Update them on the different services that your business is now offering to combat COVID-19 and showcase your culture to them.

By just communicating to your customers through social media, you have provided a free way to showcase that your business is still operating with strength.

Capitalize On Customers Ready To Purchase Now

Many businesses are facing no choice but to close down their services due to COVID-19 temporarily. We have helped and supported many businesses and understand how hard of choice this is. Customers still have the exact needs as before but now face fewer offerings.

If you’re open for business, let people know! Continuing to market your business through the Coronavirus can be as simple as allowing customers in need know that you’re still open and providing the same services.

3. Invest In Your Marketing If You Can

Many businesses cannot afford to invest in marketing at this point. That's ok; there are many things you can do for free to continue to become a presence. From simple social media posts to pictures you upload of your business to posting updated take-out procedures, there are various marketing tactics for any investment level.

If you can invest more money into marketing, you have an advantage in reaching your customers. In past recessions, the businesses that invested in social marketing were able to get more customers and receive more sales because of it. Promoting social posts, creating search ads, and creating an SEO foundation are great ways to accomplish that.

Take a moment to analyze your situation and see which marketing strategy you would like to approach.