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March 2020: Marketing Ideas For Small Business

Updated: Jun 9

The days are getting longer, the skies are getting clearer, who's ready for a good spring deal?

Every month there are new opportunities for your business to interact with your clients and customers. In this case, we take a look at the events in which companies can take advantage of Spring's national holidays.

It seems like every day there's a holiday for random items. At times, these holidays can become fun facts between friends and family members. How many times have you heard the phrase, "Did you know it's national hot dog day?" or "Wow it's teacher's appreciation day."

Fun facts aside, people enjoy knowing about deals dedicated to an occupation, service, or title. Below are a couple of national holidays that your business can take advantage of for their marketing campaigns.

Either it is celebrating by decorating your store, or offering special offers to the occupation of those being honored by a national holiday, you can rest assured people will enjoy a nice sale every once in a while.

St. Patrick's Day - March 17th

Put on the green, decorate your business, and celebrate St. Patrick's Day with your customers! Take advantage of this festive holiday and offer fun events to participate in.

Don't be afraid to really lean into the spirit of the day. Most customers do a quick run to a store for St. Patrick's Day for party preparations. Showcase your store and culture by taking photos with those who came dressed up and post them to your social media accounts.

Embrace the green by offering special discounts to anyone wearing green that enters your store. If offering a service you can create an email campaign to send out a St. Patricks themed discount for your clients to use. Change your website or social media banner to represent the holiday for the week.

This shows your customers and clients that your business has a strong culture. It also provides a fun way for your business to interact with your customers.

1st Day of Spring - March 20th

Spring brings a season full of energy and enthusiasm after the slumber of winter. This is the perfect time to do some spring cleaning and to add vibrancy to any social media or in-store campaigns!

Take advantage of the clearer weather and start creating promotions around a warmer season. With Spring providing more sunny days, people tend to start traveling more. These promotions can support that idea by providing discounts on travel products or services.

If you provide construction work or home services, now is the time to promote your business. Spring is the perfect time to renovate or add to a home, and your promotions will get homeowners thinking about hiring your services. Start promoting your work on your social media platforms to really put an accurate image in their heads.

One creative outlet to increase your local audience is to sponsor a local sports team. By providing snacks, or a place to host after-game lunches, your business can stand out in the local community. This way you can increase both your word of mouth and make new customers along the way.

National Puppy Day - March 23rd

We'll get this straight from the beginning, all dogs are puppies. Now that we have that out of the way, National Puppy Day will be a great way for your business to showcase its good boys and gals.

We strongly suggest posting pictures of your puppies to your social media page. Have your employees bring in their dogs and have a special corner where they can relax and be petted during the day.

Invite your customers to come in with their dogs and have a special station where they can have free treats and water. One fun way to incorporate the entire family is to create a drawing contest. Have a table set up with crayons and computer sheet paper, and let the winner's drawings be posted online and around your business.

National Mom & Pop - March 29th.

To all small businesses out there this is your holiday. It's time to shine and be the center of attention.

Many customers take this holiday seriously and will seek out and discover new businesses around the area. Take this opportunity to start promoting your sales days before the actual day arrives. This way your local area is already aware of your location and visit it on March 29th.

Be welcoming to your new customers when they enter your store. Use this first impression as a way to showcase the best aspects of your business. At checkout offer a discount or have a sign to have them follow you on social media to grow your online presence.

It's also not all about gaining new customers. Send out an email campaign to remind all of your loyal customers about the new promotions that they can take advantage of too.

This national holiday is meant to put a spotlight down and showcase how important small businesses are in the community.

Stress Awareness Month - April

Stress can be attributed to many things in one's life. One thing that your customers don't need to stress about is the great savings that your company can offer in contrast. For the month of April, your business can provide sales through an increase in stress-releasing activities. If you own a physical store you can provide free mints at the entrance, so your customers can have a nice treat as they shop.

Also, those with services can really push the free consultation offer and emphasize the stress-free meeting. This way your customers can feel at ease when learning about the services you offer.

This can also be brought to your staff, creating fun programs with a focus on taking away stress at work. This can be done with relaxing puzzles, being silly with selfies on social media, and even an event such as a dinner. These things can really bring an extra level of comfort that would relieve stress build-up throughout the day.

Easter Sunday - April 12th

Easter isn't all about painting eggs and eating way too many Peeps. This is prime time for your business to offer an Easter Sale! This is a great time to showcase an Easter-themed post about the different promotions that you can offer. Decorate your store, office, or even car with a fun Easter design that can really show off your spirit.

If possible, you can host a small egg hunting event in your office and record it for your clients or customer to see. If you own a store, then you can have an arts and craft corner where kids can create their own drawings, or paint their own eggs. This would be a great way to bring in more traffic to your store.

Tax Day - April 15th

It's already that time of the year. Tax Day is the last day that individuals can turn in their federal income tax returns. That being said, it's also the day that you can provide much-needed relief with your services!

Use this time to provide a place for your clients and customers to go to after turning in their taxes. After a big headache, they would appreciate knowing that your store has a deal, or if your services are being offered at a discount.

These National Holidays aren't always celebrated, heck most people don't even know they exist but are great ways for your business to show their culture. Every week or two there's a new event that gives off a new opportunity to use your social media in a creative way.

Dressing up or just offering a small post showcasing the national holiday is a good way for you to reach and interact with your customers. If you need more help with social media, don't hesitate to contact us below. BrandRep works with hundreds of clients and their social media, reach out to us today!

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