Interviews with our loyal clients.

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Sorin Costache

GM, Owner of II Forno
Santa Monica, CA

Website: www.ilfornocaffe.com

When bringing in a marketing team, I think it's really important to block out the noise, and really understand who the best people in the business are, and bring them in as a part of the team.

Emma Finley

Tiffany Hunter Home
Newport Beach, CA

Website: www.tiffanyhunterhome.com

As a new business here in Newport Beach, we really wanted to kick off our marketing journey the right way. When we were able to get together with the BrandRep team, it immediately clicked. We had the same ideas about what we wanted done. All that was left was for somebody to do it for us. It is a seamless situation and ever since it's been fun and easy and has worked out great.

Marshall Lipman

Co-Owner, TopLine Home Services
Knoxville, TN

Website: www.toplinehomeservices.com

Being a startup and literally starting from scratch, we had to build our website from nothing. The process was multi-fold, with BrandRep helping us build it on the Wix platform, was able to leverage the best in class technology. The team was able to take into account our services and worked with us to fine-tune how we want to position ourselves and the level of detail we wanted to have on our site, ultimately driving towards a great online experience and conversions for us.


Building a Brand

A brand for a company is like a reputation for a person. You earn reputation by trying to do hard things well.

Jeff Bezos

We've helped over 70,000 small to medium-sized businesses with their marketing efforts for over a decade. It's foolish to say we've never made a mistake. However, we take all critical reviews seriously, rectify the error with our clients, & work tenaciously to ensure it doesn't happen again with future clients.